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Sublimation and Vinyl Designs

What's the Difference?

Hi There! I've recently added sublimation as an option for shirts. When I first heard of sublimation I asked a simple question that I know many of you probably also have. What IS sublimation.

The sublimation process has many steps but to put it simply, we can print an image using sublimation ink onto sublimation paper. Once the image is printed, and heat and pressure is applied using a heat press, the ink changes into a gas that infuses itself into the fabrics that you're pressing onto. This gives the shirt a vibrant clean look, without the texture that vinyl would normally have.

Sublimation is such a fun method to apply designs to garments, but it does have some limitations to keep in mind. Sublimation does NOT print in white. Because of this, the shirts would have to be white/light color fabrics, as well as high polyester counts. There are some ways around this, for example bleaching shirts, which could allow enough light space on the shirt to sublimate on. (This is a very popular method, but I'm not offering it at the moment. When I'm brave enough to try I'll let you guys know) Two other methods are glitter heat transfer vinyl or easysubli paper. 

Either way, both are great options for shirts, but since each has it's limitations, I would recommend double checking before deciding on one method over the other for your design.

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